inflow in‧flow [ˈɪnfləʊ ǁ -floʊ] noun [countable] COMMERCE FINANCE
a steady movement of something such as money or goods into a place, economy, activity etc:

• A stable dollar and a strong economy would encourage an inflow of foreign investment.

• He hasn't recently had any big cash inflows into his fund.

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inflow UK US /ˈɪnfləʊ/ noun [C or U]
FINANCE the movement of money or assets into a business, an economy, an industry, etc.: an inflow of sth »

The booming economy has attracted an inflow of funds from both domestic and foreign investors.

growing/huge/large inflow »

Thanks to a huge inflow of venture capital into the business, it has moved far closer to commercial reality.


a cash/capital/tax inflow


The figure for portfolio investment is an average of inflow and outflow figures.

the arrival of a number of things or people in a place: an inflow of sth »

The area had a significant inflow of dot-com and telecommunications firms.


Britain chooses to import bananas from Caribbean ex-dependencies and to hold down the inflow from cheaper rivals.

Compare INFLUX(Cf. ↑influx), OUTFLOW(Cf. ↑outflow)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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